Welcome to Simply Schnauzers dog grooming - a service exclusively for Miniature and Standard Schnauzers.  ** Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances I am currently unable to take on any new customer bookings until further notice (effective February 2016) ***

Having trained as an all breed dog groomer, I now devote my time to only grooming Schnauzers.  I strive to give my customers and their dogs the perfect experience and to give their dogs the distinctive Schnauzer cut that so defines this breed.  Your Schnauzer will stay exclusively with me for the whole duration of its stay. I do not use blasters, cage dryers or helpers. From the time your dog arrives to the time it goes home, it will be groomed, bathed, dried and finished by me.  I may take longer to groom your dog but I do it at a much slower, calmer pace and as a result of this, the majority of dogs that come to me are happy to come back again. I take great pride in turning out a dog that looks smart and stylish but is practical to live with as well.  

Only the very best products are used - shampoos are from BioGroom, Wahl and Animology. I use shampoos that are appropriate for your dogs coat so that I can achieve the very best finish. Your dog will be returned to you smelling like a little piece of heaven ! ( I also sell Animology Fox Poo Shampoo for those naughty dogs that like nothing more than rolling in unsavoury delicacies like Fox Poo and other unmentionable nasties !)

Please visit my gallery for pictures of dogs that have been groomed by me. I hope you enjoy looking at my Schnauzer photos as much as I enjoy grooming Schnauzers - a breed that deserves to be groomed the way they were intended to be groomed.

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